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Learn how to shift your soul from fight-or-flight response (AKA acute stress response) to flow and flourishing

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You’ve likely navigated through countless self-improvement sessions, devoured books upon podcasts upon conferences, and maybe now you’re pondering, “Isn’t it time to truly harness the transformative power of well-being, to shift from inspiration to doing the work that really works?”

I resonate with that wholeheartedly. My life’s work is to equip you with the science-backed wisdom that turns your aspirations for a fulfilled, thriving life into reality.

Well-come to a well-spring where we don’t just skim the surface of self-help and personal development but dive deep into the essence of thriving through our meticulously crafted meetups, scientifically grounded merch, and transformative masterclasses.

whole + well is perhaps the support you were missing in these pivotal times. So, sit down and make yourself comfortable in the sister circle, where science meets the soul, and thriving is our collective journey.

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Your environment profoundly effects your mindset. behavior and mood! Every day we are flooded with images, words, conversations and ideas. All of these stimuli can prime your brain, either supporting or subverting your ideal life. SOULFUL STICKEYS™ are the key to supporting your positive potential.


Do you want to feel the way the word ' peace ' sounds? Words shape consciousness & practices support our inner states. Get 14 days of serenity and equanimity. You 'll get the science and soul behind 14 well-being rituals that will help you to consciously engineer immovable peace. Perfect for times like these.


I'm here: with you, with her. Tune in—when you crave conversation and community that is purposeful and meaningful. When you want to feel good. When you want the tools that help you activate your inner power.


Here I stand, at the convergence of science and the soul’ s yearning, reimagining and supporting your journey from mere survival to vibrant thriving.


Imagine transcending the daily grind, where stress, overwhelm, and the shadow of unfulfilled desires loom large. I’m here to sojourn with you on the path to a life where flourishing isn’t just possible—it’s your new reality.

At whole + well, we don’t just dream of a life infused with joy, clarity, and well-being; we make it tangible through a fusion of scientific wisdom and soulful insight. With a rich tapestry of credentials—from Neuroscience for Business to Strategic Planning Management, a well-being catalyst and the creative force of the GLOW Women’s Gathering—LaShaun blends expertise with empathy, science with soul, crafting a sanctuary where your well-being is centered.

Embrace the shift from the fight-or-flight frenzy to a state of flow and flourishing, where every practice, every lesson, is a steppingstone to your most nourished, most whole self.d reality.

Join me, not just in envisioning but actualizing a life where your soul soars, where each day is a testament to your unwavering commitment to thrive. whole + well is more than a brand; it’s a well-being movement for you all who seek to transform their existence from operating from our wounds to operating from our wholeness,with science as our compass and your soul’s desires as our guide.


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