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You deserve to feel good and function well from a whole + well and healed place.

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I was born on a cold night in Boston Massachusetts, even though I was primarily reared in the sunshine state, I like to joke that I have the chill of Boston still in my bones. I am a sister, a grandchild, a daughter, a girlfriend, an aspiring occupational therapist, and a friend. Family and relationships are a big part of who I am. I have an extremely close-knit relationship with my mother, who is my best friend and my confidant. She is the strength of my foundation and influences the person I am today.

I intend on being successful by any means necessary and creating a life that I am proud of because that will be my biggest “thank you” to my parents. I greatly respect and cherish them for instilling a sense of determination and tenacity into my spirit. I am 19 years old and a senior at FGCU, I worked hard to be able to say that and I am proud of the challenges I was able to overcome. I was a student at Florida SouthWestern Collegiate high school, where I prepared myself for college at an early age. I was an early admission college student and earned my AA degree at age 18. My major is health sciences and becoming a pediatric occupational therapist is one of my all-time goals. I have always had a passion for working with children which is what really drives me to pursue my goals.

To sum up my character or personality; I am always looking for ways to improve and strengthen myself mentally and physically, I have a love for fashion, photography (which is my side hustle), and healthy activism for uplifting, empowering, and bringing justice to black and brown communities. I use social media, as well as my voice to shine a light on the beauty of my people, celebrate all women and their undeniable uniqueness, push my agenda towards the healing of corrupted and negatively influenced youth, and for the fun of course.

My sense of place is that in my heart of hearts, I am a healer. I also love being around people who challenge me and sparking conversations. I feel that I am most myself when I am around people I can trust and have a good time with. Photography is also a great way for me to express myself and my personality. I love anything to do with visual arts and capturing memories. I enjoy fashion and creating art with my clothing, hair, and makeup.

I never thought much of what this course was supposed to be like, I imagined that it was a course that would be credited towards our major. I do not recall ever hearing the word “Colloquium”, but now I know that it is a conversation or conference. I expect to gain more insight and knowledge about the environment and the core concepts of this course. I connect this learning with myself because I enjoy wholesome conversations, as well as learning more about my environment and ways to improve it. Because my major is health science it is important to learn how the environment can impact your health and well-being. I have been pleasantly surprised by the two field trips I was able to attend during this course. I enjoyed learning about the flora and fauna of FGCU and the many initiatives that the school has to offer which would be unknown to the typical student.

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