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FGCU is committed to creating a natural and functional environment that provides a home to wildlife. FGCU takes pride in preserving its wildlife and cohabiting with humans and nature. They think of ways to make the campus more efficient and sustainable. The food forest and the nature trail are two amazing examples of FGCU protecting the natural habitat that the campus was built around. Only a certain percentage of land was allowed to be removed to build FGCU, they are very committed to protecting the wetlands and nature.

Section 2

The nature trail was an unexpected surprise. It was filled with water and mud, but seeing the wildlife and the beauty of it all, made me feel more connected to the environment. During the nature trail, we saw a lot of different trees, plants, animals, and wildlife. The forest had a large number of Pine Flatwoods. These trees are critical to surrounding organisms and wildlife that thrive in this environment. The Pine Flatwoods, Oak Hammock, and the Cypress Dome are very prominent and throughout the nature trail and critical to the health of the area.

The Pine Flatwoods consist mostly of needle-leafed slash pine. It can be exposed to many wildfires because the underbrush is very dry due to the absence of water.

The Oak Hammock was given its name because the oak and surrounding trees create a hanging hammock above the trail.

The Cypress Dome was the most beautiful part of the trail in my opinion. It consists of wetlands that have surrounding trees. I learned that even though the water there looks dark and murky, it is just because of the soil and oil from the plants.

Section 3

I am not on campus often at all, the majority of my classes are online and I do not reside on campus. However, when I am there, I like to sit outside of the library by the swamp. When the sun begins to go down it is just very peaceful and calm there. I would consider this to be my sense of place on campus because I enjoy being there on the weekend where there are fewer students and commotions, I feel like I can really concentrated and be one with nature.

Section 4

My ecological footprint results:

25 Apr, 3.2 Earths

Section 5

I was quite shocked by the results of my ecological footprint quiz. I can clearly see that I need to start thinking about more sustainable ways to live that do not harm the planet. Even though I do not consume a lot of meats, and I am cautious about how I treat my environment, I do notice how much driving I do. I can definitely cut down on the energy and gas I use. This was a good eye-opener to make me more aware of my ways.