Earth Charter

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One of the most applicable principles in the Earth Charter is the first principle; “respect earth and life in all its diversity”. This principle states that humans should acknowledge and be aware of the value and worth that every single living thing has on this earth. I believe that all life benefits one another and impacts other forms of life, regardless if it does not hold much substantial value to humans.

Human greed and selfishness, immoral values/ actions, overproduction of natural resources, pollution, and overpopulation are only some “forces” that may hinder the full implementation of the Earth Charter. These traits and actions have already ruined the world and the way we care for each other and the planet. If we recognize that we are one with the earth and a perfect balance of taking and giving back to mother nature can help to slowly repair our earth. Mutual respect for all living and non-living things as well as learning to be kind to everyone will also help.

The Earth Charter was a great read. It really highlighted and specified the personal efforts we can make to healing our world and being better individuals as a whole. I was fascinated to see that this was written over a decade ago, and it is still very relevant today. These principles can alter the way you look at the world and you can choose to change your actions and activity for the betterment of our society and environment. Overall, I was quite pleased with the reading.

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