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In the first journal, I said, “I never thought much of what this course was supposed to be like, I imagined that it was a course that would be credited towards our major. I do not recall ever hearing the word “Colloquium”, but now I know that it is a conversation or conference. I expect to gain more insight and knowledge about the environment and the core concepts of this course. I connect this learning with myself because I enjoy wholesome conversations, as well as learning more about my environment and ways to improve it. Because my major is health science it is important to learn how the environment can impact your health and well-being. I have been pleasantly surprised by the two field trips I was able to attend during this course. I enjoyed learning about the flora and fauna of FGCU and the many initiatives that the school has to offer which would be unknown to the typical student.”

Throughout my experience in this course, I have learned about environmental sustainability, our ecological footprint, how much damage we have inflicted to our ecosystem and environment, and the true effects of our actions. During this course, I have realized that every action I do benefits someone else in the future or present day. I now know what it means to be a contributor to greenhouse gas emissions or pollution. Though I have always cared for the environment and my natural surroundings, I was not too aware of the status of the earth beyond my norm. Taking the 2-hour course – Awakening the Dreamer, I learned So much about how our industrial system really destroys our earth, and it’s sickening. 

My learning experience has changed throughout this course because I care about the environment more than ever, and that is the whole point. I have had edifying conversations with other students and gained so much knowledge and insight from them. It is so sad learning that we are in the midst of mass extinction, and in 50 years, the majority of Earth’s major and endangered species can be permanently extinct, and it is our fault. I also learned that we are in a global overshoot, and take part in overexploitation; using more resources than the earth can regenerate. At this rate, we will completely kill off our natural world before our grandkids can even have kids. From the “Awakening the Dreamer” course, I learned that though our industrial system allows us to live the way we do, it is not environmentally sustainable and it is detrimental to our earth. Not only is it destroying our planet’s ability to provide life to all organisms, but it’s also dividing us as a people. The biggest fear for me is that I am 20 now, in 20 more years, how much more land and life will we have killed off? This class has motivated me to take accountability for my personal actions and teach others the importance of being environmentally sustainable. FGCU is a great example of teaching this because they lead by example. I am grateful to have had the learning opportunity that I had in this course. It has really shaped me into a better person.

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