Nerves of Still

Hi, it’s LaShaun

You deserve to feel good and function well from a whole + well and healed place.

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I don’t if you were one of those squirrly children. My impulse for constant motion was the default mode: jumping and jiving, doing splits and dancing around, fort-building and mess-making. My mom would invite me to go outdoors and I can remember the countless times she would implore me to, “stay still”. . What felt punitive was actually sage advice. . Even now, there are seasons when my body and mind are in motion until I tumble into bed. All spent (raise your hand if you’ve been there). . When that pattern shows up, my Wise mind will gently remind me to, “stay still”. . That’s why I popped in here today to soul whisper to you—stay still. . Stillness is a gift to your parasympathetic nervous system, it sparks a restoration process. You will feel more whole and well. . …and sometimes the by-product of regular stillness is deeper knowing, inspired creativity & eureka moments. . Gift yourself the permission to pause and stay still for a moment or two or three 🙂 .
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Your environment profoundly effects your mindset. behavior and mood! Every day we are flooded with images, words, conversations and ideas. All of these stimuli can prime your brain, either supporting or subverting your ideal life. SOULFUL STICKEYS™ are the key to supporting your positive potential.


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