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Let me tell you, I’m a full-on happy dancer. Like, the kind who bursts into song and groove under the most unexpected circumstances. But hey, that’s just the surface:

I’m certified in neuroscience for business, a behavior analyst, a certified strategic planner, the former founding director of the Wellness Resource Center at the University of South Florida(USF), and GLOW—a women’s entrepreneurial gathering. Today, I’m the Well-being catalyst of whole + well.

I used to pass out condoms for a living.

Twenty-eight years ago, I was the director of the Campus Alcohol and Drug Resource Center (CADRC) at the University of South Florida (USF), juggling 1-on-1 counseling, educational seminars, poorly acted but supremely helpful health and wellness peer theater, and yes, even the occasional mocktail at campus parties. Let’s just say, free condoms were one of our mostpopular offerings.

Funding cuts forced a crossroads. With a Hail Momma Help Me spirit (and a 25-page manifesto channeling Jerry Maguire), I petitioned Student Health Services to create the Wellness Resource Center—a wellspring for faculty, staff, and students to be supported in their well-being. USF embraced the vision, and I built it from the ground up – new facilities, new programs, new curriculum, and, of course, a steady supply of safe havens (aka condoms). What I know now that I didn’t know then was that it was the foundation for my life’s work at whole + well with you.

Later in my career, I was a research assistant at the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). As a research assistant, you conduct tsunamis of research. That’s where I stumbled upon the magic of neuroplasticity – the brain’s amazing ability to reorganize itself, both physically and functionally, throughout your life.

It was an insatiable concept to me and MIT had imbued me with literal supernova research skills, so I had access to the most current research and thought leaders who were versed on the subject.

But grad school wasn’t all sunshine and star-pooping unicorns. Inhumanly rigorous studies, a new marriage, and pregnancy in a pressure cooker like MIT brought its own set of challenges – stress, anxiety, the whole ever-present imposter phenomenon thing. It got real ugly.Chronic stress, mentally rehearsing all the worst-case scenarios, and constant emotional dysregulation: I was stuck in survival mode. Stuck. Miserable. Wanting (needing) more.

Drawing on my wellness center experience, I knew intervention was key. This time, the answer came from neuroscience. I dove deep, translating research into practical tools for my own well-being. I needed support mechanisms to calm my nervous system and lift my soul. Sometimes, I would craft a remedy, other times it was writing code for an app to help me remember.to.breathe, some times it would take the form of practical technology like a practice framework.

I was able to alchemize research into something practical, accessible, and useful.  Something that didn’t require having a Ph.D. to understand or having to sit naked in the wilderness for three days consulting a psychedelic monk for some support and healing.

I thought I went to MIT to make educational innovations and I did, Fisher Price and Neurosmith Toys both used my research. What I really learned was how to decode well-being research and to become a healer.

My nerd tendencies offer me a unique ability to research sometimes complex concepts and codify them into accessible + aesthetic practical technology (practices, frameworks, rituals, healing systems, andremedies, and experiences). I shape-shift scientific research, data, and information into something deeply practical + soulful to help us to be well. whole + well. #whensciencefeelslikemagic

I lead a well-being movement that resources you with evidence-based practices that activate your capacity to thrive—to feel good and function well—in the most meaningful areas of your life; because being stressed, striving and stuck in survival mode was never the goal.

Basically, I teach you how to use science to get what your soul desires.



My heart-light is so lit up, I’m over-the-moon-swooned that you are here.

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